Holly + Larry [wedding]

 Posted on June 25, 2012      by admin

Holly + Larry are two of the most fun loving and free spirited people I have ever met. They live life for the moment, truly enjoy the thrill of laughter and will make you smile within 5 minutes flat. That last one will likely lead to your laughter within 6. Not kidding.

As the bridal party danced down the aisle at the Sequoia Placerville I felt like I was attending a live showing of Saturday Night Fever with Larry working his inner John Travolta. It. Was. Awesome.
And their guests were nearly laughing their way out of their chairs.

Holly + Larry opted for a first look and you will see by the photos it gives a whole new emotion to the day as you get a few moments pre-ceremony to embrace each other and let the emotions flow in private.

Thank you Holly + Larry for including us on your very special day! You two truly are special.


Holly + Larry [engaged]

 Posted on May 6, 2012      by admin

On Friday I wrote, “FACT : I have the BEST clients!” on my Facebook Page and on
Saturday I wished I could write it over again without sounding too repetitive. So yes, I’m totally
going to write it here just to brag a little more. I feel so incredibly lucky to have amazing clients
and I would totally shout it from the highest rooftops even if people gave me wacky looks.

I originally met Holly and Larry at Amy and Ebon’s wedding  and out of the corner of my eye
I could see them…totally…completely…in love. They were the first to enter the dance floor and
if I could put money on it, I’d say they were probably the last to leave. I had no idea that they
weren’t married until I received a call from Holly asking me to be their wedding photographer.
I squealed…twice (because that’s what I do when I’m excited, don’t judge).

Yesterday, TJ and I headed up to El Dorado (not Hills…my bad) to do their engagement photos
and I fell completely in love with these two. Their love beams, they completely enjoy
each others company, they play, they joke, and they are completely head over heels for one another.
Needless to say we had a BLAST playing around their ranch and the lupine was oh-ma-goodness
AMAZING! Holly is incredibly fierce and even though Larry was nervous at first, he totally
opened up and admitted at dinner that he had a great time…music to my ears!

We are very excited for their upcoming wedding at the Sequioa Placerville.

I’m pretty sure Larry was responding to something dirty out of TJ’s mouth. ;]

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Tinley [one year][cake smash]

 Posted on April 12, 2012      by admin

There is something about a blonde haired, blue eyed girl with an adorable smile and
pinch of spunk that melts my heart. It’s that squishy feeling where you couldn’t say no
even if you wanted to.

I met up with Tinley and her mom this past weekend to take her one year photos and
I just may have let out a squeal while her mom unpacked all the goodies she stayed up
until the wee-hours in the morning to finish making. I’m creative and all but I’m pretty sure
that O-N-E banner would have been the death of me if I attempted to be so simple and chic.

Tinley was a fabulous little model for the day with the exception of a few moments
where she just decided she wasn’t feeling it. I don’t mind though. I like a girl with opinions.

I feel so-freaking-lucky with these adorable and oh-so-well-behaved kids I get to photograph. Seriously!

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See..I said I can’t say no.

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The banner…To-Die-For.

She just wasn’t feeling it above…Give her a tutu and a pink chair…BAM!


Colton [6 months]

 Posted on April 1, 2012      by admin

For those of you in Sacramento, you know this super-wet weather we’ve been having and unfortunately that type of weather is soooooo un-cool when photo sessions depend on it. Well, after one postponement, and the worry of a second, we wound up with a pretty incredible morning for Colton’s 6 month photos. My husband and I met up with Colton and his parents today in Old Sacramento for his photo session and I just have to say, he is an AMAZING baby. It was cold but he didn’t really care and he just continued to go with the flow. Maybe a future career in modeling? ;)

Flushmount Wedding Album

 Posted on March 24, 2012      by admin

After spending countless hours scouring album companies looking for; great customer service, positive reviews, and amazing quality, I am so incredibly excited to announce that…


Madera Books has everything I was looking for. From the fabulous, personalized, leather exterior to the practically gutter-less seam on every page this album is completely flawless!

I am looking forward to delivering them to all my couples that book me for their special day.

Take a look for yourself…

Did I mention that EVERY album comes with a case to keep your album in?
[nope, not an upgrade.]

It can’t just be me that totally SWOON’s over this simple personalized cover!

Where’s the gutter? Echooooooo……where are you?

[My Fuzzy Wuzzy Squishies]

 Posted on March 21, 2012      by admin

Yes, I totally said that out loud and in my very best baby talk voice.

Truth be told I’m that crazy cat lady that everyone talks about. While I really only have one cat (husbands rules, punk) I’m absolutely wild about my fuzzy wuzzy squishies!

Come on now, don’t judge! They listen to all my gabbing(poor things), are so-frickin excited to see me everyday when I get home, and give the best big wet kisses(even the cat)!

Enough talk, here are some pictures thanks to trusty Instagram. If you’re an iPhone user and you don’t have it, you’re definitely missing out. I’m pretty sure that Twitter and Instagram could make a baby and the ‘book would be a thing of the past (no offense ‘book but your updates put me on edge).

This is Tucker(and myself of course). He’s the big man on campus.


Here’s Brodie and Tucker. This is what they do every morning as I’m getting ready for work. Talk about peer pressure to get back in bed.


And the cat I’m crazy about, Rocketpower. Yes, this princess is named Rocketpower. It reflects her badass side.


Lastly, the new dog Demon Degan. He’s a very stubborn puppy who likes to do EVERYTHING he’s not supposed to. I wasn’t sure bad puppies existed but boy he sure is giving me a run for my money.


This is my first dose of “getting personal” for you all. I hope I didn’t scare you off yet! :)

Have an incredible day!

Amy + Ebon’s Wedding Featured on Tahoe Unveiled

 Posted on February 2, 2012      by admin

I’m really excited to share that
Amy and Ebon’s Wedding
was featured on Tahoe Unveiled last month.

Tahoe Unveiled is a fabulous site if you’re planning a Lake Tahoe Wedding!

Bianchi Family [FAMILY]

 Posted on January 7, 2012      by ashleyshivelyphotography

How do you get a family together for photos when they live in different areas of California?

You do their session on Christmas Eve! Perfect right?

I guess you can say it was a long time coming as Stephanie and Jennifer gifted this session to their parents for Christmas 2010(yes, last year).

Rather than making you all wait longer I’ll cut this short and get to what you really want to see…

But first, thank you all for being so fabulous!

Amy + Ebon [WEDDING]

 Posted on October 8, 2011      by ashleyshivelyphotography

Amy and Ebon were brought together like many modern day couples, social networking [Sorry Ebon, I know the truth]. After many hours of online chatting and phone calls they decided to take the next step and meet in person over coffee. As Amy entered the coffee shop she saw him sitting there with his back facing the door and two coffees sitting on the table, one being hers. In Amy’s words, ” The minute he turned around I saw his big smile and gorgeous blue eyes, I knew right then I could fall in love with him”. As she left the coffee shop to head out of town he handed her a CD of his favorite band. It wasn’t anybody she had ever heard of and it definitely wasn’t her choice of music but she listened anyways. From that day forward they haven’t skipped a beat. Their wedding day was very intimate, 40 of their closest family and friends, and wasn’t all about them. It was about the two of them and Marcus, Ebon’s son. Amy was a total DIY[do it yourself] bride and many details were handmade by her and their family/friends.

Amy, Ebon and Marcus – Congratulations! Thank you for allowing TJ and I to photograph your special day!

Venue – MontBleu Resort Casino
Hair – Aqua Hair Design